3 Ways To Beautiful Lashes

Long, luscious lashes are the perfect finishing touch and one of the most prominent features of your makeup. But not all of us are naturally blessed with bountiful and beautiful lashes. Fortunately, there are ways to extend and thicken even the shortest, sparsest lashes.

Check out these 3 ways to beautiful lashes:


Mascara has been around since the early Egyptians who used kohl and cow dung to create longer and thicker lashes. These days, there is an extremely wide range of eyelash lengthening products available on the market. Mascara is probably the most common, simplest and affordable way to enhance lashes.

It is however all about the type of product, the applicator (brush) and how it is applied to achieve the best results. Try different products until you find one that suits you. Apply from the base of the lash to the tip brushing through the lashes so that the mascara adheres to each hair. Avoid clumping by repeating the process once the lashes have dried.

2.False Lashes

False lashes have been popular since the ’70s to provide the perfect lash for everyone. Although it seems pretty simple to stick the falsies on the top lid and voila – you have perfect lashes – there are some pitfalls. It can be messy and difficult to stick those lashes on just right so that they aren’t wonky and covered in glue. False lashes are also prone to falling off at the most inconvenient moments and it is often easy to tell that they are fake.

3.Eyelash Extensions

This is by far a favorite trend for beautiful lashes and involves adhering individual hairs to each existing eyelash for an instant eyelash boost – well that is after the 2 hours (or more) that it takes to apply each hair. On the upside, the lashes last 6-8 weeks with proper care and when applied by a professional beauty technician. Honolulueyelashextension.com is a professional with high-quality eyelash extensions services.

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