Your Ultimate Indoor And Outdoor House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning and reorganizing your house is a good job to improve its curb appeal and declutter it. You need to set a day or a weekend to go about the cleaning of your house. This makes it a conducive environment for your family and visitors.

For you to clean your house in the best way possible, you need to have a cleaning checklist. Here’s a cleaning checklist that can help you to clean the indoors and outdoors of your house.

Indoor Cleaning Checklist
• Wipe your ceiling and walls
• Clean your bathroom and reseal grout
• Wash your rugs
• Deep clean your carpets
• Vacuum and clean your furniture and couch cushions
• Dust shelves
• Dust light fixtures
• Dust ceiling fans
• Dust wall art, mirrors, and picture frames
• Wash your windows
• Dust blinds
• Mop floors
• Discard any items that you no longer use such as expired foods or broken toys
• Clean kitchen equipment such as microwaves, dishwashers, and hoods if you have. You can call hood cleaning services to assist you. If you have a grease trap, clean it regularly. Best to let it to a grease trap company.
• Vacuum your mattress as well as under the bed. If you saw bed bugs, don’t hesitate to call a pro. Seattle bed bug extermination is professional in exterminating bed bugs.
• Wash your beddings and curtains
• Clean your freezer and refrigerator

If you have molds in your home and it getting worse, time to call a pro. Oahu mold removal is a professional mold remediation service.

Outdoor Cleaning Checklist
• Clean your outdoor furniture
• Clean and service gardening equipment such as lawnmowers
• Do away with any debris on your gutters and downspouts
• Wash your exterior windows
• Conduct a pest control exercise to get rid of any insects or rodents
• Replace damaged caulk for better energy efficiency
• Pressure wash your patio
• Trim the hedges and tree branches around your house. Call Alexandria tree services if you need help from a pro.
• Clean your chimney
• Clean and organize your basement
• Inspect and clean or replace your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters.
• Clear any debris that has settled on your roof
• Do away with any dirt such as leaves along your driveway
• Touchup your deck and railings with paint

Cleaning becomes easier when you have a checklist with you. It ensures that you properly clean your house. This checklist can help you effectively clean the indoors and outdoors of your house.

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