An Essential Summer Cleaning Checklist

In addition to the warm weather, the summer season ideally presents an array of chores that need to be done. Thankfully, you will have extra daylight hours that allow you to do the additional tasks and also, you will have children at home, thus providing an extra set helping hands.

However, do you know which places in your house require more attention when the weather is hot? Here’s a summer cleaning chore checklist that will come in handy.

Floor Cleaning

Your house is going to see extra foot traffic during the summer. This means you’ll need to clean the floors more often. So, make an effort of vacuuming and washing high-traffic regions once or twice a week. You can ideally implement the ‘no shoes in the house’ rule in order to reduce the frequency at which you’ll need to clean.

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Bathroom Care

The humidity and heat that’s present in the summer months mean that you’ll need to give the bathroom extra attention. You should tend to the toilets at least twice a week and run exhaust fans when showering. This will help prevent the spread of mildew or mold. Stock up on microfiber cloths and put them near the shower, so that it will be easy to wipe down the walls and doors after every use.


Towels, sports uniforms and swimsuits all imply that your washer and dryer will be working extra during summer. Ensure that you are stocked up on detergent and invest in a retractable rack or towel tree to help organize the laundry room. Also, keep in mind that the aircon will be working harder during the heat of the day. As such, save this cleaning task for early mornings or evenings in order to avoid flipping the circuit breaker.

If you also have a grease trap in your kitchen, don’t forget to clean it regularly. It is best if you let it to a pro. Phoenix grease trap cleaning can help you with anything related to grease traps.

If you’re finding it hard to tackle all these extra chores, then consider getting a housekeeping professional so that you can make the most of your summer season.

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